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Preparing your home for sale: 7 things to do before selling your house

When preparing your house for sale follow these 7 tips in order to sell as quickly as possible and get the highest offer.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. When preparing your house for sale and showings you want to put your best foot forward in order to impress and inspire potential buyers to submit an offer.

Follow these 7 things when preparing your house for sale in order to sell as quickly as possible and get the highest offer.

Find a great real estate agent

You will want to find an educated and trusted real estate agent you are comfortable working with in order to sell your home. You will want to ensure this person is knowledgeable working in your specific market and can get you top dollar.

To learn more discover these considerations when choosing a real estate agent.

Curb appeal

As stated above, you only get one chance to make a good first impression and your homes exterior curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers see when coming to view your home. You will want to make sure the outside of your home looks as good as it possibly can from your mailbox to the shrubs.

Discover our curb appeals tips for more details.


Less is more! If is often hard for buyers to see past a sellers stuff and envision the space. In fact if the home is overflowing with clutter a buyer may worry it does not have ample storage for them.

Make sure you clean up counter tops, windowsills, tables, and all visible areas - even remove large pieces of furniture. Perhaps consider renting a storage unit for things.


While you are tidying up and decluttering, depersonalize as well. When touring a home potential buyers are trying to envision themselves living there and calling it theirs, this can be difficult when surrounded with pictures of your family and other personal possessions.


Again not everyone can see past the current design and envision it differently, or themselves living there. You may love your bold orange accent wall in the dining room but a buyer may struggle to see past it. Fresh neutral paint will not only brighten up the space and give it a clean look, but provide the buyers with a clean slate.

Make minor repairs

Before opening your home for showings make any minor repairs you are aware of. That stuck closet door could be a real turn off to potential buyers who begin wondering what else is wrong. Or patch and paint that scuff in the wall from moving the couch that one-time.

Make the house sparkle

Clean, clean, and clean! You will want your home to sparkle when showing it, and you certainly do not want potential buyers to walk in and immediately wonder what that smell is. And it is important to always keep it tidy for those last minute showings.

You hope to sell your house quickly and for the highest amount you can possibly can. This requires you to put some effort in upfront to attract the best buyers.

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