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4 things to consider when choosing a real estate agent

Consider these 4 things when hiring a real estate agent to represent you in buying or selling to ensure a seamless process and that you get the best deal.

On the heels of COVID-19, the real estate market has never been hotter for those looking to list their home. It is easy to search for a real estate agent in your area. Let’s face it - Google is going to give you hundreds of options to choose from. In a time where buyers are bringing cash to cover the difference in appraisals and putting in never-before-seen offers, you need an agent that is going to make the process seamless, and represent you to beat out other buyers or get every penny available for your sale.

1. Find an agent who has historically sold or helped purchase in your area

While agents are licensed by state, you want to find an agent familiar with where your home is located or where you are looking to buy within a state. Ensure your agent is fully knowledgeable on the topic market. Prices and demand can vary greatly throughout all jurisdictions and you don’t want to miss out by choosing an agent unfamiliar with your area.

2.Reviews, reviews, reviews

The process of homebuying and home selling is usually the largest purchase in a person’s lifetime. While your average Joe isn’t going to go out of his way to rate the steakhouse down the street, he will likely rate the agent who helped him compete in a seller’s market and win acceptance on his offer, or get top dollar on sale.

3.Don’t let relationships cloud your judgment

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. You choose your real estate agent cousin because you don’t want the next family gathering to be awkward. Real estate investments are too important, if Cousin Joe isn’t a quality agent, move on.

4.Interview when necessary

Ask questions! Agents want you to feel comfortable trusting them as much as you want to feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong with calling a few agents and asking questions before moving into an agency agreement.

When you’ve chosen an agent, trust their judgment! If you’ve done your homework, read the reviews, had a chance to interview a couple agents and finally signed an agency agreement, then you need to trust their judgment. The home buying and selling process can come with a lot of ups and downs - your agent has been trained to guide you down the path that is beneficial for you and most likely to get you to your end goal. Remember, they get paid when the job you’ve retained them for is complete! Trust their advice and guidance even when it may seem unorthodox.

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