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Curb appeal tips for home sellers

When selling your home follow these tips to boost the curb appeal in order to wow buyers, inspire confidence, and sell your home quicker!

Curb appeal not only helps you wow perspective buyers with a great first impression but adds value to your property and helps you sell quicker. You only get one shot at a first impression and not every buyer has the ability to see past the current aesthetics and envision the potential.

Before showing your home for sale take these steps to boost your curb appeal to perspective buyers!

Pressure wash the exterior

Give the outside of your home a bath! A good pressure washing of the homes exterior can remove the built up dirt and grime restoring its previous shine. Be sure to pressure wash the walkways and decks as well, but not windows as that can cause damage.

Many home hardware stores rent pressure washers if you do not own one, or you can hire someone for about $200-$500, depending on the square footage of the home. 

Clean out your gutters

Twigs and leaves hanging out of your gutters really hinders curb appeal. You will want to ensure your homes gutters are cleaned out so your roof line looks clean and sharp.

Not to mention clogged gutters lead to water stains and rot on your siding, along with overflow water washing away your landscaping. Regular maintenance of gutters also prevents them from sagging. 


Be sure to landscape your yard to draw in potential buyers. You will want to have your lawn looking as best as it possibly can. Aerate or dethatch the grass if needed and reseed any patches that need some extra love. Weed the gardens, trim the hedges, consider adding fresh new mulch, and really put your lawns best foot forward.

Create inviting outdoor space

To go along with the landscaping, you will want to create inviting outdoor space. Deck and patio areas are important to potential buyers and just like inside, you will want to stage areas for buyers to envision themselves living there and welcome them. Any broken or damaged patio furniture you will want to remove and you will want to be sure that things are put away such as children’s toys, trash barrels, etc.


You probably do not often think about your mailbox but it will catch the eye of potential buyers looking at your home. Perhaps the post needs a fresh stain, or the box itself needs replacing, this is a moderately inexpensive fix that will add curb appeal.

Front door

After the potential buyers have passed the mailbox, pulled down the driveway, walked the front walkway and seen your landscaping, they will open your front door to enter. If the front door shows damage, rot, etc. it can set a bad tone for the walk-through. Consider updating with a fresh coat of paint, or perhaps it is need of replacing.

Creating a welcoming and appealing exterior of your home sets the tone with potential buyers and inspires confidence of a well maintained home.

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